Everyone is talking about the mountain coaster on Bogus Basin but that's not all that's happening. There's WAY MORE than we had planned! Bogus is most definitely the place to go.

In just weeks, Bogus Basin will officially turn from a winter hot-spot to a year-round place to play. Starting July 1st, new attractions will open. This isn't just your average hiking trails and camping spots, it's adventure and it's so cool!

July 1st is when summer activities hit the mountain and you're invited. These are the things you can look forward to:

  • 32-foot tall climbing wall
  • four trampoline bungee jumps
  • 300-foot long tubing lanes
  • Gem panning (like it used to be on Bogus with the mining)
  • Mountain bike course with jumps and obstacles


The highly anticipated mountain coaster that will take you on a 2,400-foot track ride with twists and turns will open late August.

The best news is that mountain coaster season won't end when summer ends. The coaster will run through the end of summer into the winter. It comes with lights and everything. I mean, people. THIS IS AMAZING! Be prepared to ride on weekends and holiday nights.



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