If you have stepped outside in the Treasure Valley today, you probably noticed the air quality was pretty awful. In fact, for most of the day I thought the city smelt like a campfire! Unfortunately, the reasons behind the poor air quality are far less fun and much more serious that a campfire.

Not only is the air unpleasant to be in outside right now (today I felt like it was making my skin dirty, just walking out to the parking lot!) but the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has labeled it "unhealthy" to even breathe.  Forest fires ranging from as close as Montana to as far as British Columbia, Canada, are the cause behind all of the smoke.

Not only is the smoke effecting how it looks and smells outside, but it is directly effecting high school athletes all over the valley. In fact, all of Boise School District games have been canceled and practices are being held indoors, only. My own Bishop Kelly Knights have rescheduled their boys soccer match-up against Middleton for next Monday, as well.

Lucky for Boise State football, they've got their own indoor field to practice on in preparation for Washington State University this weekend.

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