I was on the top floor of the Zion's Bank Building in downtown Boise for the first time ever over the weekend for the Idaho State Broadcasters Association award ceremony and I was greatly disappointed.

The ceremony was great, the food was great, the drinks were fantastic, the building was awesome...but about that view from the 17th floor. It was awful!  That's nobody's fault, for the record. I was just really excited to see the city from the highest building downtown and it was impossible to do so from all of the smoke in the air.

Not only is said smoke ruining views from the 17th floor but it's making the air we breathe very unhealthy for some. In fact, yesterday, air qualities went into the "red zone" meaning it's unhealthy for everyone, not just those with sensitivities.

At the time I'm writing this, Nampa, Meridian, and Boise are in the Yellow range, making the air quality better than it was over the weekend and there's even a green level up near Federal Way in Boise--visually, however, the sky is still quite murky.

The Department of Environmental Quality wants those in the Treasure Valley to know that burning, both indoor and outdoor is banned right now and outdoor activities, including driving is discouraged for the time being.

You can see a real time map of the air quality in out area by clicking HERE.

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