The Idaho 'secret' is out--and it has been out. We can remember years ago when it was special to think of Bruce Willis or other major stars coming to Idaho for vacation. Now even the Kardashians make their way to the Gem State for some reprieve from Hollywood.

Many people forget that despite the fact Boise is a little removed from Hollywood, we're actually quite close to a much larger city in Salt Lake City. In under 4 hours (or in just 35 minutes by plane) Boise residents can get to Salt Lake City, where this weekend, every celeb imaginable will be hanging out and wandering around.

Post Malone lives in Salt Lake City and has already announced a pop-up performance--along side so many other stars. What's going on? It's NBA All-Star weekend and it may as well be one giant music festival--especially for pop and hip hop fans.

Looking to get into some star-studded events and parties this weekend? Here's the list:

Inside Utah's NBA All-Star Weekend

There's going to be something for literally everyone in Salt Lake City this weekend!

Many of these events are all ages!

While getting into the actual all-star game might be next to impossible at this point, there are a TON of parties happening all across Salt Lake City this weekend that are sure to have major celebrity guest lists and tickets available still.

Keep an eye on your favorite stars' social media accounts too--odds are, they'll be promoting where they're going!

Here's a look at some celebrities that you can spot in Idaho no matter what week it is: 

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

10 More Celebrities You're Most Likely to Run Into in Idaho

A handful of these stars have family with ties to Idaho, while others visit to enjoy all the opportunities Idaho's great outdoors provide!

Celebrities Who Own Property in Idaho

While a few have childhood ties to Idaho many of the following celebrities fell in love with the gem state a little later in life..


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