If the headline got your attention, let's be clear: this isn't "click bait"--it's a real life thing. Typically when you see something this "internet funny", you can do nothing but shake your head, send to some friends, and move on.

We can't move on.

We're mesmerized, sucked in, totally in awe, and we can't even begin to explain why. How can a light fixture look THIS much like the human anus? It's for real.

Before we knock this local resident's Facebook Marketplace post, we want to be respectful and say we get it--it's a light fixture far more mature and stylish than we are.  

In fact, hundreds if not thousands of postings go up every day selling all sorts of "crazy" things, like the ones featured below:


The Four Weirdest Items For Sale On Boise's Craigslist Right Now

There's nothing "free" about this "special" light fixture, though...

We really aren't sure what to think of it but it is a guaranteed "attention grabber" for any Boise home. We've seen nothing like it and that isn't saying much because we're far from interior designers...

Credit: Facebook Marketplace Listing
Credit: Facebook Marketplace Listing

There it is, in all it's glory. Boise's most famous light fixture!

Here's a look at the Tweet that kicked off the laughter....

  Obviously, it didn't take long for folks to chime in...    








Now, the light has been reduced in price to just $150 and is still available at the time of this article posting.

Interested in seeing it for yourself? Click HERE.

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