Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in crime throughout Idaho over the past couple of years. And a recent vehicle robbery has left one Boise family heartbroken. And they need your help.


But first, here are a few examples of recent senseless crimes that have left Idaho communities shattered throughout the state:


The Boise Townsquare Mall Shooting


Boise Reacts to Mall Shooting

An unheard of incident for Boise, Idaho took place at the Towne Square Mall on the afternoon of October 25th.


Rigby High School Shooting

Idaho Teacher who Halted Rigby School Shooting Honored by Governor


And recently, we’ve seen an uptick in vehicle robberies, including targeted shootings of parked Boise vehicles:

Beware: Unknown Shooter Targeting Parked Boise Vehicles


But, there’s been a new crime that has struck a chord in our Boise community, and it’s about more than just the vehicle.


Boise Army Veteran’s Jeep Stolen, Please Help



You can see more on this Facebook post:

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