You’ve probably heard of the stories about Butch Cassidy and his gang (that include the “Sundance Kid”) that terrorized the wild west with their bank heists and train robberies. What we didn’t know, however, is that Butch Cassidy actually a guy anyone would love to have as a friend and not just for the money! Yes, I know – it sounds terrible, the guy robbed a ton of people, trains, and banks but hear us out!

Butch Cassidy… the “friend”?

It’s no secret that Butch Cassidy was notorious for his robberies and that it’s not exactly a respectable field to be in. According to, Butch began his life of crime by stealing horses and cattle. He eventually graduated to banks and trains leading his group called the “Wild Bunch” in various robberies throughout the West. Despite all of that, Butch was reportedly a “nice guy” and would even go out of his way to help his neighbors with various odd jobs says He wasn’t even known for “excessive gun violence.”

rauschenberger/pixaby via Canva
rauschenberger/pixaby via Canva

Who wouldn’t want a friend like Butch?

According to, a man named Matt Warner who had previously befriended Cassidy was caught up in a murder trial and needed money for a lawyer. That’s when Butch Cassidy stepped up to the plate to help his buddy by robbing a bank in Montpelier, Idaho on August 13, 1896. According to, Butch along with two others went into Bank of Montpelier and held the tellers up for what says was $7,165 in cash. When converted to today’s money, that would be worth $245,234.07… nearly a quarter-million dollars!

Some of us can barely get a friend to show up for a birthday party while Matt Warner is having his ol’ buddy Butch hold up banks to get him some money for legal counsel. Eventually, the lawyers were able to have Warner convicted of manslaughter instead of murder says

Now, we’re not condoning what Butch Cassidy did as you should always obey the law; with all of that being said… do you have a friend who would be willing to go to the same extreme that Butch did?

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