There is no doubt that there has been an uptick in crime in the Boise area over the last couple of years. People are on higher alert than usual which is understandable. Boise Police received a 911 call about a possible threat in the Garden City area near State Street and Bogart Lane. There was allegedly an older man wearing camo and walking down the street with a gun. Boise Police warned people via alert from the 911 Public Safety Dispatch Manager before realizing what and who was really seen with a 'gun'.

"This is the Ada County Sheriff calling on behalf of Boise Police regarding the area of State/Bogart on the border of Garden City and Boise. Police are looking for an older white male wearing all camo clothing carrying a long gun. If you live in the area, please stay in your homes or please avoid the area until police can confirm it is safe to return. If you see this subject, please call 9-1-1."

KATU reported "Police closed off the area and contacted nearby pedestrians of the potential threat in order to conduct a search for the man. After searching the area, police concluded that the initial report was incorrect and it was a kid that the citizen had seen. - police said it was a kid with a toy gun."

Thank you again to Boise Police for quickly and carefully ensuring the areas safety. The Boise Police Department has a new-ish podcast. Learn more and hear some of the "BPD Beat" here.

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