What do you normally pair with your craft beer?  How about some locally made snacks that are made especially for that purpose?!

At this point, we're there so often that my boyfriend and I could probably have our mail forwarded to the Downtown Old Chicago.  That said my craft beer's usually paired with chicken wings, pizza or BBQ pork ravioli.  While the food is super good, I'm not sure if they properly bring out the flavors of our favorite craft beers. So what do you munch on when you want have the flavor notes in your beer?

Enter Haze Beer Snacks! They're a locally owned company that makes snacks (mostly pretzels) that pair with certain types of craft beer.  All of them sound so yummy! They've got varieties like Twisty Crack (combination of chili crackers and citrus & peppercorn pretzels,) War Hammer (garlic blue cheese and habanero pretzels,) Cheddar Head (white cheddar cheese pretzels,) and Dragon Blend (garlic and blue cheese pretzel.)  They're sold at breweries around the Treasure Valley like Bella Brewing, Powderhaus Brewing, Barbarian Brewing and Payette Brewing as well as some home brew shops.

But before you buy some, would you like to try them yourself? Of course you would! Well join Haze Beer Snacks at Payette Brewing Company this Thursday from 5-10 p.m. for Porters and Pretzels! They'll be sampling their Draught Warmer pretzels paired with Payette's Pistolero Porter.  The Draught Warmer is a sweet and savory chipotle chocolate pretzel designed for porters, stouts and winter beers! If you fall in love with them at first crunch they'll be selling them for a special First Thursday price.

BTW, Payette's Pistolero Porter has been making a name for itself in the craft beer world! It was just named one of the three porters to try now by Sip Northwest Magazine.  It's a full bodied beer with a dark allure of chocolate, roasted coffee notes and a smoky finish.  Pints are $2 during this fun celebration!

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