Finding the perfect place to get your hair done can be a struggle. A lot of the time you go in wanting something extremely specific and it can be hard to trust someone to do it for you. When finding the perfect salon you have to make sure you explore all of your options and find the one that is the best fit for you.

Luckily, the Boise area has a ton of locally owned salons with high ratings that everyone loves. From Boise to Eagle to Meridian there are a bunch of choices in salons and one that will be perfect for you whatever your salon needs are.

5 Boise Area Hair Salons

They're the best at hair.

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Draper Koy located in Meridian has a bunch of stylists who are great at everything from blondeing to extensions. The salon is luxurious and very aesthetically pleasing and you will enjoy your experience and your results. They even have a nail tech there for you to get your nails done as well.

Premier Hair Studio in Boise was recently rated Boises’s best hair salon in 2017 so you know that you are going to a salon that you can trust. They have a bunch of stylists to help you create any look that you want.

Whimsey A Salon is a quaint little salon located in a little red house. They can do everything from cuts to color and you're sure to feel at home in their salon.

Dv8 Salon is open Tuesday through Saturday and not only can they do their hair any way you want they also offer waxing to anyone who may want it.

Class Act Salon and Spa in Eagle has so many different things to offer. They offer all hair services, makeup, and permanent cosmetics.

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Boise's 8 Best Rated Hair Salons are a Total Surprise

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