Wedding dresses are changing, and Idaho is one of the leading states to jump on a new trend that's being fueled by top designers.  It's daring, and we'd love to know if you think the trend should stay or go.

Vera Wang told Harper’s Bazaar recently about darker shades becoming popular for wedding dresses, and the magazine made no attempt to understate her influence with the headline, How Vera Wang changed the way brides dressed forever.  Brides watch what she does, and Boise brides are no exception.

Vera Wang has designed wedding dresses for high-profile celebs like Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande, both of whom got married in 2021.  They didn't wear black dresses, but apparently, many brides in Idaho are.  According to Google-based analytics, the five states that have the highest search volume for black wedding dresses are Kentucky, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Kansas, and Idaho.

Brides, have you worn a black wedding dress?  Have you been to a wedding where the bride is wearing one?  We'd love to know if Idaho brides are showing up in black, or just hopping on the search trend to see what it's all about.

Vera Wang told Harper's Bazaar that her past collections featuring black dresses generated several comments that included the word "depressing," but she said it's sexy and that brides have started embracing it.  Other designers have started putting out black dresses in their wedding collections, and bridal retailers have started offering black dresses based on the shift in demand.

With smaller ceremonies, brides have been wearing more casual dresses and jumpsuits, and black dresses seem to be the latest tradition bucker.

Whether it's a fashion statement, a tradition bucker, or just for fun, I'm curious -- does the color black mean anything to you?  It seems odd to wear black to your wedding to mourn the end of a glorious single life, but ya never know.  If one of the guys on Facebook Dating ever comes through for me I might wear a black dress just because it looks great with aqua accents.  It's a cool color.

Black dresses are a classic look on dates, so why not weddings?  It might take a little getting used to, but then, we've gotten pretty good at that.

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