If you went to bed early, maybe you missed it.

Missed what? Oh, only the most memorable moment in pop culture history (probably) happening right before your eyes!

Let us catch you up.

Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers, and there was much rejoicing. Fans in the stadium were cheering at the top of their lungs, and those watching from home took to social media in droves to recap the big moment.

And by "the big moment" we of course mean Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing after the game!

Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl

See Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

We're so happy for them. You really couldn't write a better ending to their night together last night. Taylor travels halfway across the world after a tour stop overseas to catch the game live. She makes it just in time to canoodle with her friends in their VIP box and enjoy the game. Then, when it's all said and done, she ends up on the field hugging and kissing her victorious boo! We're not crying, you're crying. We're all crying.

We absolutely cannot get enough of these two. In an age where everyone gets mad about everything all the time, it really is refreshing to see two people genuinely enjoy falling for one another. Such a nice, warm break from all the outrage addiction we see online, especially on posts about Taylor Swift.

Taylor, Travis, we wish you both nothing but happiness. Just please don't ever break up. We are absolutely not prepared for that.

Taylor Swift's Best Pictures From Travis Kelce's Super Bowl Season

Taylor Swift's love of the Kansas City Chiefs seems to mirror her love of boyfriend Travis Kelce. At first, she was a little awkward, but by the end of the season, she'd grown passionate for both.

Here are 29 of the best pictures of Swift and her posse from this NFL season and playoffs. There is one more game to go, but it's not clear if she'll make it to the Super Bowl since she has a concert in Tokyo the night before. Either way, watch as her fandom gains confidence and friends.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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