Ride your bike around Boise? There's a new law into effect that hopefully, you won't need to worry about.

Just this week, the City of Boise approved a new law for the city that aims to end seeing fewer abandoned bicycles around town. Now, I can't say I see all that many abandoned bikes in Boise--in fact, I would assume most Boiseans are too busy RIDING their bikes around town to be forgetting about them. Yet, the issue must be prominent enough for city officials to say "no more" to abandoned bikes.

In an effort to free up space on public bike racks, any bicycles left behind for more than 3 days (72 hours of longer) will be considered abandoned, and taken away. I know that some of my friends don't mind leaving their bikes on a rack for a few days, locked up until the weekend. Now, it's time to start paying attention to how long your wheels have been there!

No word on what will be done with bikes found abandoned.

Happy peddling, Boise!

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