There's a day, week, and month for everything. As we kick off a new month today, I think that getting outside and peddling a bike might be in order.

If you didn't know this, May is 'National Bike Month'-- a celebration of the many benefits that come with bicycling. With the times we're living in right now--everyone is eager to get outside or be more creative with working out since all facilities are closed and most routines have been broken. Getting onto a bicycle might just be the move.

Boise and the Treasure Valley as a whole is a very bike-friendly place but if you've never ridden into work or to lunch on the weekends, I think you'll find the fresh air (especially right now), refreshing.

Last fall, my bike got stolen from the front of our radio station and I'm currently on the hunt for a ride pair of wheels. Do you know of any good spots in town to find a reasonably priced bike to get me around town? Post up and let me know!


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