Anytime I saw the words "Shenandoah" come up on our training schedule, I knew feeling like death was imminent.  The route took us from nice, flat Municipal Park and Warm Springs Avenue, up the "mountains" (at least in my mind) on Shenandoah, East Mortimer Drive and Ridgecrest Drive. The hills in that neighborhood are no joke, so it's no surprise that something like this could happen on an icy day.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Boise Fire and Police teamed up on a call for a man who slipped on the ice and knocked himself unconscious. Boise Fire attended to the man's medical needs while the police were handling traffic control. Because of the icy conditions the patrol car couldn't make it up one of the hills on Shenandoah and slid not just back down, but toward the patient.

That's when firefighter Casey Wilson pulled the man out of the way of the oncoming police car.  The man was transported to St. Luke's for injuries related to the fall.  The police car did end  up hitting another vehicle but was going slow enough that there wasn't any major damage or injuries.

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