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If you travel back in time with to last Thursday, Cruise & Box sent out an alert at like stupid o'clock in the morning letting anyone who's downloaded the new 103.5 KISS FM app know that when they heard Harry Styles's debut single "Sign of the Time" after 8 a.m. to call the radio station.  Whoever was skilled enough to be Caller 9 would be packing their bags for a trip to The Late Late Show with James Corden in LA! Why listen for the Harry song? Harry just happened to be kicking off his week of co-hosting the show with James!

Snuggled up in her Harry Styles sweatshirt, Emily B. decided she had nothing to lose and would do anything to see her "husband" in person!  Stopping at nothing, Emily went on to be Caller 9 and win the trip!

If you follow us on Instagram (@kissboise) you may have seen some of her pictures leading up to the filming of last night's episode! Since we knew what she was wearing, we stayed up late watched the entire episode and and the very end...this happened!

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

Yup! That's Emily, giving James Corden a high five as he walked off set! It happened in literally the last 15 seconds of the show, but we're sure it's something Emily's never going to forget.

We can't tell you anything else, but that's not Emily's only big news from the set! Watch this space to find out what happened next!

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