Let's get our chat on 💬The 103.5 Kissfm App is our best friend with all the perks from extra entries for large contests, notifications for breaking events, live streams, online ONLY opportunities, local content for everything Treasure Valley and a direct link to call within the app.

The brilliant app specialists have added a new feature that gives you an even more direct link to the studio. Introducing the new CHAT feature that is located right in the hot bar for you to link immediately to the air personalities in the studio.

Chat Feature

Why do you need this feature? This button links you to Keke and Kat each morning for contests, topics or requests. Do you want to discuss a question regarding the Boise Music Festival?

Let's say that you are headed to the gym and don't have time to respond. No worries! The Chat feature will send you a notification if you're too busy working on your back like our friend Sabrina.

You can reach out to us anytime on the app via our new chat feature and can even talk with a specific show.

While you're in the app you can click on topics and news that are trending in the Treasure Valley. You can also input those cash codes to win up to $5,000 three times a day with Kiss Cash Codes.

Download the new Kiss App when you have a chance and Hollaback at your squad. Thanks for listening!