River Float

Who's ready to grab the rafts, tubes, coolers, and jump into the Boise River? We're days away from opening and this brings me back to a promotion we did years ago called, "Money, River, Bieber, Baby" or something like that.

We gave out tubes, cash, Bieber stuff and more. This was just one of those crazy Summers and the time is here again. So, when can we float?

Let the countdown begin! I checked the Ada County Parks & Waterways Facebook page like I do every day looking for a glimpse of hope into opening day. Here's what I came across.

I looked down further on their page to see what the projected day is. "Float the River" is the Facebook page and they never give a prediction on opening dates. Nobody wants to be on the hook for that! Here's what I do have, previous opening dates and this gives you a good indication of what that date might be.

Here's a list of 6 opening dates that had similar water flow conditions on June 12 each of those years. This tells me that we could be looking at that first week of July.

  • 2017 - July 29th (flood year)
  • 2016 - June 29th
  • 2011 - July 15th
  • 2010 - July 1st
  • 2009 - July 1st
  • 2006 - July 1st

I'll keep you posted with an ALERT. Make sure you have the Kiss App to get your immediate alert to let you know when things open for splashing!

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