Your heart just drops every time you see one of these stories, and it drops even more when you find out that one of the victims is from right here in Boise.

Melissa Cochran grew up in Boise but has since moved to Utah.  Her and her husband Kurt were in London visiting her parents who are serving a Mormon mission.  Kurt and Melissa were some of the first people hit in that SUV terrorist attack that ended up taking four lives.

The driver was aiming for people, trying to take out and kill as many as he could.  52-year-old Khalid Masood drove his car across the Westminster Bridge towards Big Ben crashing into as many people on the sidewalks as he could.  Masood then got out of the car, stabbed a police officer to death and then was shot.  He died from his gunshot wounds.

Two people ran over by Masood also died including Kurt Cochran, Melissa's husband.  Melissa is still recovering from her injuries in the hospital.  Twenty nine people were injured in this attack.

Melissa lost her childhood friend, husband, and soul mate.  Our hearts go out to you!

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