I believe the saying goes "Baseball is as American as Apple pie" Well it seems as though we will not be enjoying and all American tradition in Boise this year. Minor League Baseball just cancelled their season and that means the Hawks will not be playing this year.

“We planned for an exciting 2020 season and now our organization will do the same for 2021,” Hawks’ Vice President Bob Flannery said in an interview with ktvb. “We have had incredible growth over the last five seasons, and we can’t wait for next year. In the meantime, we are looking into hosting public events this summer.”

The Hawks home opener was supposed to be on June 22nd and and their season would of started on June 13th. If you're a season ticket holder or a corporate sponsor expect a phone call from the Hawks soon. Looking on the bright side this may be an opportunity to use your "Hawks game time'" to actually play baseball with your loved ones.


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