High school students across the Treasure Valley decided enough is enough, and joined together to stage a walk-out on Friday. They met on the steps of the Capitol building, hoping to change lawmakers' minds on climate change.

Student organizer Hannah Amick explains why she and her fellow students are taking action:

Being in Gen Z, it's definitely going to affect us the hardest. It's very important for us to take charge. We are the generation that will be hit the hardest.


It affects everyone, climate change, especially in our climate. It's a desert climate and that can lead to drought, and food shortage. It especially affects third-world countries.

It's true. Just looking around Idaho, it's hard to deny warmer days in the summer, and wildfires that seem to be never-ending.

Don't believe us? Let's look at the facts. Average temperatures in Idaho have risen over two degrees in the last 100 years, and we're even experiencing more summer days over 100 degrees than we did just 30 years ago.

Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? But with more heat comes more energy use for air conditioning, an increasing danger of heatstroke and dehydration, and even driving conditions can become more hazardous as temperatures rise across Idaho.

So, what can we do? Is the answer electric cars? Using less A/C at home? Moving to a remote island without any devices or technology so you can confidently say you're the only person on Earth not contributing to global warming?

We don't have the answers. But we do have extra towels in case we get sweaty.

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