The American dream is alive and well in Boise Idaho. Apparently Boise is bullet proof when it comes to the housing market. All over the country the byproduct of COVID-19 is soft home sales and a slowing economy. Boise Regional Realtors President Michelle Bailey shared her thoughts on the local housing market with ktvb.

“When you look at week to week, what I caution people about is the vitality with that because week to week can change pretty significantly,” She continued. “We're still pretty in line with what our averages are, that may change, when people are losing their jobs and they're no longer qualifying for loans, then yeah, that's going to start to have an effect. We're just not seeing it in our numbers yet.”

This is definitely a double edge sword, the people that are selling are celebrating and the people that are buying are reluctant. In my eyes the consolation for both sides is that a healthy housing market means that people are able to qualify for loans which means that they still have jobs.

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