I laughed SO HARD last week when one of these infamous missed connections came to fruition. You may have heard the moment, I believe it was Thursday afternoon, and out of nowhere I got a a phone call from a concerned mother. Yep, that missed connection online and on-air was definitely about her daughter. YIKES!

For what it's worth, that post was pretty polite and complimentary. Not all of them are. But hey, this is the beauty of relationships and meeting people...right?

Another week has come and gone which means I have to step up and do my due diligence: post up the best of Boise's Missed Connections. Without further ado...here they are!

There I was, enjoying myself at 10 Barrel late Saturday afternoon, when I glanced up and noticed you looking at me. You're a very pretty Asian woman and the continued eye contact made my already pleasant time all that much more sweet. Extenuating circumstances prevented me from approaching you. Maybe we can set those circumstances aside and meet.

You had black hair, from Seattle, I kinda pushed a short dude out of the crowd of our circle then he wanted to square up so I squared up and you became my shining night in armor ❤️ I regret not offering my number. But hopefully this will get across. Hope you’re feelin well! I also won’t forget your pretty eyes and smile so if you find this can you send a pic ? Thank you !

You were buying something on 7/25, and wearing an orange bikini top and jean shorts, and looking real good. I’m not sure if you noticed me but it was hard not to notice you. Look forward to hearing from you!

I was with my 2 kids yesterday evening and they were picking out lunchables. You came up and asked if I was finding everything ok and started telling me some jokes. You even told my son a joke. You said that your jokes are kinda stupid and I replied saying that the stupid jokes are the best ones. You really made my night, thank you. I would like to get to know you more, if you aren't already in a relationship. If this is you and want to get in touch, in your reply tell me one of your jokes that you told me.

You’re an attractive young woman. Black jeans. Haven’t seen you in the break room before so I’m guessing you’re new here. I saw the ring, I think you saw mine. If you think this is you, email me. Lead off with the color of my clothes.

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