Kekeluv at BMF

We're quickly approaching the one-month countdown to Boise Music Festival. No really, it's approaching fast and that means summer is here. We're seeing a massive summer season of festivals and if you want to get on board with Boise Music Festival - you'll want to do so PRONTO as ticket prices are about to increase.

Price out all the shows in 2018 and you won't find a better deal for $20 dollars 💚Enjoy it while you can because that ticket is about to jump in a matter of days. The honeymoon period is almost over!

What do you get for $20 dollars? Let's get right to it because tickets go up on Friday.

  • Admission into Expo Idaho on June 23, 2018.
  • Ticket includes concerts from all the local stages including the main stage.
  • Premier performances by headliners: Robin Thicke, Granger Smith, Baby Bash, Echosmith, Parmalee, and more.
  • Access to all the games (additional cost), food, beer gardens, and exhibits

That is CHEAP! If it were me I'd be charging $35 easy for an all-day festival. Considering this is such a reasonable ticket - that means the other passes are equally convenient in price.

  • Admission into Expo Idaho on June 23, 2018
  • Ticket includes standing room section front and center of the stage putting you in the party! That means you're an arm's length away from touching your favorite celebrities.
  • Access to the pit for the entire festival (that's a steal!)
  • Access to all the games (additional cost), food, beer gardens and exhibits

Kekeluv's Cool Zone "Chill Pad" - This is $75 ticket is my pick! Here's why:

  • Admission into Expo Idaho on June 23, 2018
  • Two drink tickets
  • Catered food
  • A shaded section with tables and chairs
  • Private entrance
  • Private bathrooms

Carnival Extravaganza - The Show Packages

  • Save $5 with the combo package that includes wristband + BMF ticket ($40)
  • Already win tickets? $25 ticket gets you unlimited rides.

Bonus: Pre-Boise Music Festival Party:

A Concertgoer's Summer Break Package that is perfect for a student on a budget. This $20 ticket is a 2 for 1 deal for a couple of cool reasons. There are NO fees attached to this ticket. The more I think about it - it makes more sense just to buy your tickets here and bypass the $6.95 in fees. This way you get a BMF ticket and a Roaring Springs ticket for no cost (Roaring Springs ticket is ONLY good for June 21).

  • Admission into Roaring Springs for a night slide on June 21 for special night slide hosted by 103.5 Kissfm.
  • Free access to each and every attraction at Roaring Springs.
  • Free mini-concert by an artist to be announced soon. Last year's performer was MAX.
  • Admission into the Boise Music Festival.

All Boise Music Festival ticket prices will increase on May 18, 2018.

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