I've been waiting on one hold out when it comes to shopping and stores reopening, and it's been announced that it's finally happening. Nordstrom Rack at Boise Towne Square will reopen this Thursday!

A spokesperson for my fave store said:

"We are excited to bring our employees back to work and look forward to welcoming customers in our doors so we can continue serving them in our store. You can see the full list of re-opening Nordstrom stores here, and additional info for each store by searching on our Store Locator Page. Our stores have always been, and continue to be, a core part of our business. The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and communities is our priority."

So with that, they do have new store protocols:

  • Conducting health screenings for our employees
  • Providing face coverings for employees and customers
  • Taking steps to allow for social distancing of six feet or more, including limiting the number of customers and employees in the store
  • Increasing cleaning and sanitization
  • Keeping tried on or returned merchandise off the sales floor for a period of time

That makes me wonder.. how long do they keep the items from the fitting room off of the floor? A place like that has a lot of one-off gems, and if it's sitting in the back, how will we ever see it?! It's definitely an interesting time to shop.

Personally, I cannot wait to get into the Nordstrom Rack. I've been waiting for this moment. I'll be there, with my mask and a six foot perimeter around me, on Thursday as soon as I'm off of work.

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