If it's Justin Timberlake photobombing, Gary from Chicago, or the epic fail with the "Best Picture" award, everyone is talking about last night's Oscars.

Here's what the Treasure Valley has to say about last night's show:

So what exactly happened with the "Best Picture" presentation? Our own Erin Whitney has a better look at why everything went wrong:

Moonlight won Best Picture, but only after presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly named La La Land the winner.

It wasn’t just a tiny mistake corrected moments later. It took an entirely two minutes for the Oscars to correct the mishap. When the La La Land cast and crew were nearly finished with their acceptance speeches, the camera suddenly cut to an awkward angle shooting at the top of the stage and host Jimmy Kimmel came on stage to reveal Moonlight was the actual winner. Beatty attempted to explain himself, but it makes little sense. Why did Dunaway read the wrong title when it was clearly the incorrect envelope? Who gave them the wrong envelope? And why the hell did it take a full two minutes to fix it? It will forever be an Oscars mystery, or perhaps the plot of True Detective Season 3.


According to USA Today, here's exactly how it happened:

The accountant from PriceWaterhouseCoopers jumps up and says, “He (presenter Warren Beatty) took the wrong envelope!” and goes running onstage. Craziness breaks out. No one knows how Beatty got a best actress envelope; Stone later tells reporters in the media room that she has been holding her envelope the entire time.


The one thing we know is, they're going to have a hell of a time topping this amount of exposure at next year's Oscars!



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