If I don't recognize a number, I typically don't answer the phone. You never know who will be on the other end (bill collectors) but this one time I answered the phone. Is this the phone scam everyone is talking about?

KTVB gives tips on what to do if you get an unsolicited call from a robot. By the way, they're just hoping you'll say "yes" so they can record your voice and use it to scam other people.

  • If you receive an unsolicited robocall from an organization or business, just hang up. If you are on the Do Not Call List and a company calls out of the blue to ask questions, it's likely a scam. Avoid responding with "yes, sure or ok."
  • If you are asked a similar question in a phone call or are asked to press a button to be placed on the Do Not Call Registry, just hang up the phone. Saying anything or pressing buttons when prompted may help the scam artists identify that you have an active phone number. Remember that no government agency will ever solicit for the Do Not Call Registry.
  • Write down the phone number of those callers violating the Do Not Call Registry and file a scam report with BBB Scam Tracker and the FTC's Do Not Call List. Remember that Pennsylvania's wiretapping law is a "two-party consent" law, making it a crime to intercept or record a telephone call or conversation unless all parties to the conversation consent.

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