Honest moment. We think we're being sneaky holding our phone down so nobody can see it while we're driving. We know it's not safe but we feel like we can handle it and we can do both at the same time. 

Have you ever seen the videos of people trying to drive and text at the same time? It's terrifying. Anything can happen in an instant while you're driving. The other day, I was pulling out of a parking lot to wait in the middle lane and two people ran out from the side of the road and stopped in the middle lane. Both of us were in motion and I was the one to stop. It all happened in a split second. If I was on my phone, the car I was driving wouldn't have been a match for these two people.

That's the point. It's why we shouldn't text and drive (among so many other things).

Holding that phone lower doesn't keep you from being caught. If you're pulled over, the police can see if you were on your phone and all of your activity from texting to Facebook and more.

The Textalyzer. That's what this device is called. It is described as a device that would act as a breathalyzer for text messaging. Police officers who suspect a driver has been texting while driving could use this device to connect to the driver's phone and scan the phone for calls, emails or text messages.

In Idaho, it is illegal to text and drive. You can be given a citation for doing so but it's tough to enforce. While you're not in motion (traffic light) you actually can use a mobile device. See how confusing this all is? I imagine all of us throwing our phones like they're on fire once the light turns green.


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