A local politician and former Ada County Commissioner, Diana Lachiondo, has challenged the public to take a small pledge that could go a long way.

Drive through downtown Boise, especially by the Idaho State Capitol and you will see a sight that many aren't used to seeing: a fairly large homeless camp.  The group of folks camping on the lawn of the old Ada County Courthouse are hoping to raise awareness and urgency to help chip away at a growing problem of homelessness in our community.

You can see the camp that we're speaking of, below: 

Homeless Idahoans Refuse to be Ignored as They Protest on the Capitol's Lawn

Homeless Idahoans set up tents outside of the State Capitol building to demand respect and bring awareness to their plight.

With all of this going on, Diana Lachiondo--a Boise native and former Ada County Commissioner, as posed a challenge to our community. 

Today is February 2nd, 2022 or as the internet has been reminding us over and over again today: 2/2/2022. Yes, there's a lot of two's going on for a TUESDAY and perhaps there is a reason to lean into those "two's' by making a pledge for the better?

In an open letter to the community via an opinion piece in the Idaho Statesman, Lachiondo writes:

We go to work, school and church — and largely do not interact with people who look or live differently than us. We may give to charity or volunteer periodically to help those in need, but typically we aren’t confronted with the visible, crushing grind of poverty and homelessness.

What is a person to do? According to her, local non-profit CATCH is a great resource to help the over 500 families experiencing homelessness in the Treasure valley.

A recently launched campaign of theirs, CATCH 22, aims to house 22 more families experiencing homelessness this year--2022--by securing monthly donations of $22.

On a day like today, 2/2/22.. perhaps that $22 pledge might be a little extra special and will certainly make a difference for those in need.

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