Oh, Boise--how we love the summer concert scene! Just last week, Luke Bryan canceled unexpectedly at the very last minute. But months prior, another musical legend canceled on Boise.

Now, he's back!

The year is 2007 and you're in junior high school--maybe you've just started high school. There was a LOT going on in the world: Brittany Spears had just shaved her head, the final Harry Potter book was published, and that chick that loved Obama went viral online.

Here in the Treasure Valley, The Village didn't exist, nobody knew what Top Golf was and most of our buildings were still a field!

What were you doing? Well, no matter what activities you enjoyed at this age, you were probably wandering around with a portable CD player--or iPod if you were luck enough--and listening to your favorite songs that were illegally downloaded from Limewire or something similar.

One of the biggest "one-hit-wonders" from that era has announced a Boise show and "youuuuuuu" had better be ready.

Get it?

Soulja Boy, famous for his 2007 single called "Crank That" is planning on coming to The Revolution Concert House this summer and apparently, the "Crank That" song and coordinated dance will be taking over the city in this nostalgia-centric concert.

The show was originally taking place on a Sunday night, June 4th.

Now, Soulja Boy will be returning to Boise on Thursday, August 10th! 

For more on the show, click HERE.


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