Last year was the first year that I was lucky enough to work with Boise Pride's Diversity Prom and I'm already counting down until the next. Each year leading up to Boise Pride Festival, the organizers make sure there are a ton of events that build energy for the annual celebration in downtown Boise that we're so stoked to be a part of again. One of those events is Diversity Prom--an event focused on 14-18 year old teens.

I was so moved by the energy at last years Diversity Prom.  Literally HUNDREDS of teens, as you can see pictured above, came out ready to have an awesome time and it was BY FAR one of the most energetic rooms I have ever been able to work from the stage.

The thing that I love most about this event is that everyone is welcome. Much like the Pride Festival itself, Diversity Prom offers a safe place where ANYONE is welcome no matter sexual orientation or gender identities!  Allies are welcome, too!  Bring who you want or come alone, love who you want, dress how you want, let's be real: its a safe, welcoming, and fun room to give ZERO F*@^$ and have a blast.

This years prom will also be headlined by Roxxxy Andrews from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5!

See more on the event, HERE.

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