It's time to be honest, Boise. Do we really think that the slap on stage at The Oscars was real, or could it have been staged? As years have gone on, it has began to feel like less and less people really care to park in front of their television and watch the awards show that at one time, was a big deal. No, we aren't "swinging" at the show (see what we did there) but we just think that consumption of this information has evolved.

So what is the best way to get people talking about something on national television? Well, it's to have some SERIOUS tea--which, last night, The Oscars certainly did.

The jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith? Poor taste. Will Smith's reaction on a stage that large? Uncalled for. There's no debating those things--whether the reaction was real or staged.

What did Boise have to say online about all of this? Well... a LOT.

I guess this is where we assume that Will Smith is going to have to move to Bel-Air, right?

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