Summers in Boise often include floating, hiking, and spending time on the greenbelt--that is, the portions that are accessible.

It's an exciting day for Boise greenbelt lovers, as a section of the path in east Boise has been reopened.

The section that was just reopened yesterday has, if you can believe it, been shut down for well over a year now.  The path needed to be upgraded and despite original plans NOT expected to take this long, during the construction there was unexpected damage that occurred.

The project as a whole cost $1.3 Million and hopefully, runners, bikers, walkers, and everyone will be able to enjoy the new space. For the past year, detours and less than ideal alternative routes were needed to get around the construction--at last, it's open.

Along with new pavement--the path has been widened. While before, the greenbelt in this section ranged from 7 feet to 9 feel wide, this newly redone path is 11 feet wide, leaving more space for safe passing and families.


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