The weather is getting warmer and it is officially spring time in the Treasure Valley!

So inevitably, that means that locals are going to be outside more, exploring the many parks and trails that Boise has to offer. 


In particular, Idahoans everywhere seem to love the Boise River Greenbelt, as this 25-mile pathway has been a staple within the community for over 50 years.

It loops all throughout the valley, providing breathtaking views of scenery and wildlife, and is a must-see destination.

But more than that, it’s not only gorgeous – it’s also extremely convenient. And this is why it has countless visitors throughout the entire year, regardless of the season.


Because of this, we were curious if Idahoans had any funny, awkward or embarrassing moments that they’ve experienced on the greenbelt, and if they’d be willing to share?

Well, each of these are bound to make you shake your head, because their accounts are not only downright hilarious, but they instantly made us grateful that they didn’t happen to us!

And with the warmer weather and summertime quickly approaching, we’re sure these sorts of stories are going to keep flooding in. 


Just remember, when enjoying Boise’s parks: have fun, be safe and don’t do anything too crazy!

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