It has been the talk of the town, the state, and the nation for DAYS now-- the Powerball and its record setting jackpot!  From coast to coast, individuals, workplaces, teams and families alike pitched in to buy a Powerball ticket--all in hopes of winning that $2.04 Billion ticket.

After an unexpected delay last night, millions stood by waiting for the winning numbers to be announced later than expected. It has been confirmed since their release early this morning that ONE winning ticket is out there...somewhere.

One of our colleagues, Brittiany, shared her joy having one of the many winning tickets:

I won the most I have ever won on a Powerball ticket today. I won a total of $14 and I spent $20, so I am still in the hole by $6. I was not expecting anything and just played for fun, it was a quickpick--anyone can win if they get at least one ticket because that's all it takes to win some money!


Think you would like to take a stab at the next Powerball jackpot--or any of the many lucky Idaho Lottery games? Here is a comprehensive list of alleged "lucky" locations! 

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With a third weekly draw added to the Powerball, jackpots are getting bigger faster and lottery fever is growing! If you believe where you buy your tickets matters, these are fifteen Idaho Lottery retailers that have cranked at least one, if not multiple, winners of $100,000 or more!

We think that it's great that our colleague looked at the glass "half-full" this afternoon as she shared her joy with the office! Sometimes in life, it isn't all about winning the jackpot, but really taking what you can get!

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This list is up to date as of October 21, 2022!

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With the odds of winning the Powerball at 1 in 292 million... here are our picks for things that are more likely to happen in Idaho than winning the jackpot.

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