Ever been stranded at home needing a meal? Craving something so much but you don’t have a car? In need of some late-night food after a long night out? Well if you’ve ever been in any of those situations then you probably went straight to DoorDash. The beloved app is guaranteed to get you your food right when you need it most. Well almost guaranteed.

The DoorDash thief struck again, one Boise resident had been waiting all day for their DoorDash meal, even preordering it hours early just so that she could have it as soon as the store opened. She said that she had been anticipating her wings from Wingstop since she woke up that morning wanting nothing more all day.

Door Dash Thief Caught on Camera

Caught red-handed.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Everything seemed fine the dasher pulled up with her food and dropped it off at her door as requested on the app. The dasher turns around and goes back into her car but she doesn’t drive away. Instead, a second person gets out of the car goes up to the door, and takes the Wingstop right off the front porch.

All of this was seen on the Ring camera! The customer couldn’t even believe what had happened saying that she was surprised they stole it knowing that there was a camera watching the whole time!

The Boise resident called DoorDash and was able to get a full refund for her meal and the delivery fees but was heartbroken that she wasn’t able to get the WingStop she had been waiting on for hours.

While this is all very upsetting it is not the first time it's happened. Just weeks ago a Boise Redditor posted about THEIR meal being stolen too! Check it out below.

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