Do you have the syphilis? We hope not--but local health officials are warning about an outbreak that you should be aware of.

It has been an officially declared "outbreak"--the spread of the sexually transmitted disease, syphilis. According to Central District Health, 52 syphilis infections have been identified in Ada, Elmore, Boise, and Valley counties--with a shocking total of 168 infections since January 1st 2022, in folks aged 15 to 87.

Syphilis is spread by direct contact with a syphilitic sore also known as a chancre! These chancres can occur in, on, or around a penis, vagina, anus, rectum, lips or mouths.

Looking for signs and symptoms? Many health experts call it "The Great Pretender" because its symptoms can mimic those of other infections. Yikes!

We hope you're staying safe out there in your romantic encounters, but it's ALWAYS smart to get tested.

Learn more about being tested for the Syphilis and other STD's locally, HERE

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