As the 2020 school year gets closer and closer parents have been growing increasingly weary about the future of their young students education. Thursday the Boise school district announced their plan and it includes flexibility based on the parents and students level of comfort with COVID-19. Parents will have the ability to choose between on-line learning or the traditional in person schooling which includes the following recommendations:

  • Use of masks and or face shields by students and staff
  • Mobile hand sanitizers in each school
  • Hand  washing / Sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes / sprays in each classroom
  • Intentional physical distancing measures

Every student in our District deserves access to a great education, delivered by a highly-qualified Boise School District teacher, regardless of whether the teaching and learning occurs in a traditional classroom or online," commented Board President Nancy Gregory. "Whether our schools are open, we have students who are unable to attend their traditional school, or we find ourselves in a COVID-19 closure similar to what we experienced this spring, we will be prepared to support, care for, and, most importantly, teach our students."

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