Just announced today, changes could be coming to the Boise School District's semester calendar.  The change means that the fall semester will end before students leave for Christmas break and this begins next school year.

Having gone to Bishop Kelly myself, this is the schedule I am used to. I had no idea however, that the Boise School district required students to take final exams AFTER the break. Advocates behind this scheduling change thought that students were coming back to take exams not as prepared with the materials as they should be.  I can't help but agree with that stance.  If you think about it-- one would hope that Christmas break would be a time for students to recharge and focus on fun, family, and rest. Having exams looming in the back of your mind can become exhausting.  Another point of consideration?  Last winter, significant snow closures meant even MORE delays for exams.

The change didn't come out of nowhere. In fact, parents were surveyed back in May and 85% of the parents that responded were in favor. The Idaho State Board of Education will review this proposal on October 9th.


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