Have an awesome neighbor here in the city of Boise? Know of an outstanding member of our community? Mayor Dave Bieter wants to hear from you and there's still time to nominate someone for this awesome award.

As Boise booms, the "outside world" seems to tell us that eventually, we'll lose a bit of that small town Treasure Valley charm.  Being a local myself, I just don't see that happening as the city is BUILT on that charm--that same feeling that attracts those who are moving up into our town.

That said, it's events and opportunities like these that can foster our city's charm and recognize those who play a role in keeping it present.

Mayor Bieter and the City of Boise are looking for nominations for the Mayor's Awards to Good Neighbors.  These awards shout-out businesses and people here in Boise that are just stand up citizens, going out of their way to help others.  Of course, being good neighbors are what build a foundation for an awesome city like ours!

To learn more and nominate (the deadline is Friday, August 31st), click HERE.

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