It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how special the North End of Boise is. In fact, just the other day I was sharing with someone that if I could live ANYWHERE in the Treasure Valley, it would be the North End, for me. I love the old homes, big trees, and friendly feel that I have always known to be in the air.

Just this weekend, the weather was warming up and I was DYING to get some sun. In true, Boise-local fashion I was eager to get onto a patio.  We took a drive over into the North End and it was everything I needed. Patios were wide open, people were distanced, there was happy dogs on ever corner-- I was thriving. From ice cream shops to restaurants, cocktail bars to taco specials--I get why all eyes are on this special neighborhood.

According to a recent feature via "", a real estate news website, the secret is out when it comes to our beloved North End. As a part of their "12 in 2021" series, The North End is mentioned as one of America's Hottest Neighborhoods, noting:

The North End has hiking trails, coffee shops and tree-lined streets. Those amenities have helped make it eminently livable, and one of the hottest neighborhoods in the US

What do you think? It's tough for me to argue this one--but I hope this little pocket of our town never loses its charm.  Out of all Boise neighborhoods, there are few more expensive to live in, too. I guess for me, that just means a few more years of saving?


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