At some point in our lives, we'll probably all have to deal with a bad neighbor or two. What makes a bad neighbor? We asked Treasure Valley locals that question on our Facebook page and the stories just kept pouring in.

Listed below are the top 10 types of nightmare neighbors. Can you relate? If not, maybe YOU are the nightmare neighbor.

Nosey Neighbors

The ones always in your business. These neighbors cross the line by digging too far into your personal life. They approach and talk to your guests, come over uninvited, eavesdrop on your daily life, and ask all the intrusive questions. These neighbors are a direct violation of your privacy.

Barking & Aggressive Dogs

As a dog owner myself, the last thing I would want is for my dog to be barking all day bothering my neighbors. Unfortunately, it is true that other owners don't really care and have no intention of trying to put a stop to the barking. Then the are the yards you're afraid to walk past with the fear of their aggressive dog breaking loose and attacking you.

Party All-Nighters

It was tolerable on a college campus but as grown adults with families and full-time jobs, it can be a never-ending nightmare living next to noisy neighbors who don't know when the party is supposed to end.

Noise Sensitive Neighbors

On the other side of this, there are the neighbors who will complain about the slightest sounds. You're not a consistent partier like the neighbors listed above, but you'd like to have guests over now and then without receiving a noise complaint, or play your music out loud.

Exotic Pets

This can range from a lot of different things - from snakes, spiders, wolves, lions! Whatever. Let's just hope they never get loose in our yards.

Neighbors Who Are Frequently Visited by Cops

For whatever reason, the cops are visiting your neighborhood far more often than you'd like. Maybe there's always some type of domestic dispute or perhaps your neighbors are slingin drugs! You may never know but regardless it's a bad look for the rest of the neighborhood.

Littering in Your Yard / No Upkeep to Theirs

This could range from a neighbor who never mows and pulls to weed to the neighbors who have actual junk in the front yards. Either way, they're bringing down the value of the whole neighborhood because of their lack of upkeep. Then there are those whose trash even somehow lingers into your yard!

Neighbors Who You Block Your Driveway 

Sometimes street parking is limited but you should never block somebody in their own driveway! What do you expect to happen?

Package Thieves 

Last but not least are the Amazon package thieves aka porch pirates. These types of people can be found in any neighborhood. According to one expert, thieves steal an estimated 1.7 million packages a day in the U.S.. Why anyone would want to steal a package unaware of the contents is behind me. Have fun with those bath towels, I guess!

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