Some hot topics right now:

  • What's going to happen in Season 5 of Stranger Things?
  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married and they're perfect together.
  • Politics. Ew.

The hottest topic for us right now: It's so ******** hot in Boise and we're sweating just thinking about it.

Hot summers in Idaho aren't news. We realize that. The average high in August for Boise is right around 90°. That is definitely hot, but we're used to it. Too bad that's not what's happening in 2022.

Boise just set a new record for the most 100°, so far landing at a whopping 21 days this year topping triple digits. That beat's out the previous record of 20 days way back in 2003.

It's getting hotter in the Treasure Valley. That's a fact. The question is, why are temperatures rising in the City of Trees? We have some theories:

  • It's just natural. The Earth is going through some things right now, and this is just her way of being heard and feeling like she's a part of something.
  • Global warming. Maybe the bajillions of scientists who claim humans are causing the Earth to warm up at a rapid pace are actually correct.
  • Aliens. They've been following the Pete Davidson / Kanye West drama and they're sick of it. So they're slowly melting our planet as punishment.

What's your take? Do you really feel like this summer in Boise has been hotter than in the past? Is global warming even a thing? Are you on the same page as us that Pete and Kim should've stayed together to save the human race?

Let us know.

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