If you're Boise State's new Athletic Director, you're a very happy boy right now as Boise State's Men's Basketball team continues to prove to the critics that they're the real deal.  It's a story that I absolutely love to see. Boise State as we know it is a "football school".  We have seen the women's team make March Madness in the past and not get the love they deserve and now, we're seeing the men's team on the track to do the same--in my opinion, still out shadowed by the football program who didn't even finish in the Top 25 this year.

Head Coach Leon Rice has put a TON of work into this program for a long time now--he came to the university from a basketball powerhouse-- Gonzaga University. You might have heard of them.

The Broncos have only lost once all season, to a top 10 team in the University of Houston. They continue to be explosive in the Mountain West Conference and FINALLY...the pollsters are noticing. It wasn't until last week that Boise State had any love in the "honorable mentions" of the Top 25. Now, this week, the team is the HIGHEST ranked team among the honorable mentions. In other words, the Broncos are more or less ranked 26th in the nation. Not too shabby.

Last week there was a COVID scare which meant they couldn't play on Friday night. That has since been determined to be a false-positive and Boise State will resume play on Wednesday night, against a very good Colorado State team. I see no reason for a win there to equate national ranking.

By the way, a ranked Boise State would make them only the third team to be in the Top 25 from the west!  Gonzaga is #1 in the nation, UCLA is #23 and all of the other ranked teams are from the midwest or east of the nation.

See the complete rankings, HERE.

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