I was a part of something unbelievable this weekend.  It started on Friday, ended on Saturday, and I gave up a nights sleep.

I'm a graduate of Bishop Kelly High School and Gonzaga University. Two educational institutions that pride themselves in instilling in their students and graduates a sense of social responsibility--encouraging a "give-back" attitude that doesn't stop once you leave. In fact, both institutions taught me that as a Knight and as a Zag, "being" those things doesn't even start until you leave--it's when you leave that you take those values out into the world.

Life is busy.  We work a lot. We juggle too many things at once and we're all plugged in to social media way more than we should be.  Sometimes it's difficult to find ways to give back if you aren't surrounded by the opportunity.  After this weekend, I am forever indebted to Boise State University's Dance Marathon for inviting our radio station, our listeners, and myself into a culture of giving, compassion, and inspiration unlike any I have ever seen.

Friday launched Boise State's annual Dance Marathon event.  Students have been raising money all year long. In fact, not long after being back in Boise I hung out with this awesome group of students at Chick-fil-A as 15% of all proceeds from that days sales were going towards their cause!

These students came a long way since this photo was taken. On Friday, they danced all day and all night raising last minute funds hoping to reach their goal of $140,000.00.

Not only did these students reach their goal, but they CRUSHED it, having raised over $150,000.00!

I joined them at 8:00 p.m. Friday until 8:00 a.m. Saturday and watched students pour passion into sharing stories and raising funds, all of which go directly towards St. Luke's Children's Hospital.  "We Dance, They Smile" is something I heard over and over throughout the night and never once did the energy, drive, or passion die down.

I've been a part of all types of fundraisers and charity events but never before have I seen such a large group of selfless individuals together for one cause.  They could have been ANYWHERE on Friday night. They chose to dance, so the kids can smile.  To learn more about Boise State Dance Marathon, click HERE.

Check out the video below for a look into this one of a kind event!

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