It comes with being a Boise State fan and for many, it might be a little strange. Cheering for a distant program that you have absolutely no ties for...because of a coach?  That's how many Boise State fans have felt over the years about the University of Washington and head coach Chris Petersen...myself included.

The energy that Coach Pete emits, his class, all of that--it makes for a guy that is impossible not to love and respect. Not to mention, having seen first hand here in the Treasure Valley how his "swagger" turned to results and built Boise State Football into the program that it is today. I've never met anyone that DIDN'T like him and I think we'll all always be thankful for what he did for the city and the team.

That said, this Las Vegas Bowl was a difficult one to watch-- not just because Boise State had to go up against their beloved former coach, but because he served up some tough love on the field. Boise State fell to a DOMINANT University of Washington team last night, 38 to 7.  It was pretty crazy to see many fans on social happy for Coach Pete despite what that win for him, meant for the Broncos. Such a strange and special relationship.

Boise State never stood a chance in this game, where uncertainty behind center at Quarterback seemed obvious and the Huskies simply looked more prepared. The million dollar question here is... had Coach Pete been on the opposite sideline, would the score have flipped?

We'll see in a few weeks where a loss to unranked Washington leaves Boise State in the Top 25 to end the season.

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