It's a bye week for the Boise State Football program, a time for players to rest and work on fundamentals while the coaching staff may hit the road for a few recruiting trips; it's a chance for fans to ponder the program's future.

The early season results of the Avalos era have been disappointing to most die-hard Bronco Nation Fans. Three wins with four losses are not the standard that launched and maintained the decade of dominance.  

Once again, the Big Twelve expanded without including the Broncos. The local media seemed to echo the latest press releases from the athletics office touting the Broncos being included in the next round of Big Twelve expansion. Hard-charging athletic director Jeramiah Dickey continues to sell his plan on expanding Albertsons Stadium.  

The challenge for Dickey and others within the administration is to justify adding thousands of more seats in a stadium that rarely sells out. It's popular to blame the fans, but as we know in sales, the customer is always right. People are not buying what this year's version of the Broncos is selling. The season could change, but attendance issues have always plagued Boise State Football.  

I've repeatedly written that the new administration, president, athletic director, and coaches have not reached out to the Koetters, the Hawkins, or the Petersens to put together this year's team both on and off the field? Like him or not, Bob Kustra knew what he was doing when rallying the community to support Boise State University. The past football coaches ingrained themselves within the community. How many coaches would foster a fun run where funds were raised to 'Beat Pete?'  

Perhaps Bryan Harsin's emails were correct when he questioned the university's commitment to building a national powerhouse? Harsin took his ball and bat, leaving for Auburn, where he has the Tigers at five wins and two losses during their bye week. How many times have Bronco fans taken a five and two record for granted? Harsin's gone, Curt Apsey has been reassigned, and we have a new crew who tells us about their extensive experience across the country.  

Boise State is big time. Without Apsey or Bleymaier, who is left to provide perspective to the new president, to introduce the athletic director to the big-money donors? Did anyone question the first-time coach about his new hires of first-time coordinators at this level? Nope, it was all about the youth; no experience needed. Nobody in our community wants to see Boise State fail; however, why are our 'super seniors' now leaving the program? 

If Boise State is to get back to their winning ways, it is time for a course correction from all three primary players, Tromp, Dickey, and Avalos. The players deserve coaches who have their back, not insisting on conforming to an offensive system that hasn't used the strengths of the current roster.  

The lack of attention to detail in crucial moments is alarming. Ten men on the field? Where is Gene Bleymaier? Ask San Jose State how much of a difference he made to their program? Dickey does the fans a disservice when he calls the current situation a blip. Boise State has a small margin of error when it comes to losing seasons. 

Folks here have other things to do than watch a losing football team. Besides, how long will Mr. Dickey be here if a bigger opportunity presents itself? Remember that guy who moved here from Kentucky that now works in Minnesota? President Tromp? Where is she during this time of disappointment?  

Boise State did ask the Idaho State Board of Education for a raise in how much money they could spend. BSU got their just under two million dollar raise reports KTVB.  Athletic Dickey publically commented 

 "That's just one bucket," Dickey said. "No one individual bucket is going to get us there. We're going to have to unite. We're going to need every single revenue stream, and we're going to create some new ones, and it's going to lead to us doing some really cool things that I think Bronco Nation will be proud of and excited for."

A great quote, yet where is the action behind it? Where is the commitment to excellence? The accountability? The return on investment? A really cool thing would be a winning record and a staff that reflects the values of the community it serves. Let's hope the final grade for the semester improves from what we see at the midpoint.  

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