There is no doubt about it--folks in the Treasure Valley love Boise State football more than anything else. In a town where there's no professional team and really no "regional" favorite, it's all about the blue turf and we'll even give the rambunctious Idaho Vandal fans a rub here, too.

Boise State, however, has sent a long list of football players to the next level that is the NFL and they've been very, very successful.  Just look at Boise State star Kellen Moore--he didn't have an insane career as a player, but quickly became one of the best offensive coordinators in the league!

Having just packed up and left Dallas, another major Boise name is now surfacing in Dallas: Leighton Vander Esch. Not only was Leighton a star on The Blue, he's been a killer for the Dallas Cowboys as well. Just last year, he signed a 1-year, $2-million deal--experts had been saying he could be worth $10-million a year in a multi-year deal to the Cowboys...or a team that sees his worth.

After a little bit of time as a free agent, the announcement was finally made...

The official NFL account shared the news themselves: 



We can never get enough of Boise State success in the pros! 

Yes, Leighton Vander Esch is once again a Dallas Cowboy--so Boise might not be able to hate them too much after letting go of the city's darling, Kellen Moore.

Throwback to when Tom Brady sought out Leighton on his final game in the NFL: 

Tom Brady Seeks Out Boise State Star for Words of Advice

It isn't often that Tom Brady goes hunting down one of Idaho's best-known football stars!

Kellen Moore: Dominance Over The Years

Kellen Moore's 50 career victories as the starting quarterback at Boise State University remain the most by any QB in NCAA football history. Moore, who was touted as one of the most brilliant minds in college football has now taken those brains to the NFL where Dallas fans can't get enough of him.

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