It's official! We are close to the beginning of Bronco football and we finally have the color schemes locked down. BSU just announced the appropriate colors for each section of the home games this season.

Why does this matter? Well, It's like showing up for the office potluck with Lunchables you just got out of the vending machine. You don't wanna show up to the game wearing a throwback Bronco orange shirt during a blackout. Plus, you're killing our photos people!

The Boise State Broncos open the year against ACC powerhouse Florida State Seminoles. The Broncos go on the road in a very hostile environment with no quarterback announced yet. This will be a season-defining moment for the Broncos and Bronco Nation. We all know that fans tend to shy from games when the team isn't on top. This is just a fact. If the Broncos win game one - watch out!

How does the impact the color scheme? It doesn't. The color schemes have been announced and that means Marshall will be the first home game.

Sidenote: Have you seen the movie "We are Marshall" starring Mathew McConaughey? This is based on the true story set back in 1970 when their team plane crashed killing everyone on board. McConaughey plays the coach who rebuilds a team and is such an emotional film. The Thundering Herd will be playing the Broncos for the first home game.

Start pulling out your old blue, orange and black because this year's scheme has it all. The home opener against the Thundering Herd will be mixed. There will be one blackout game on September 20 against Airforce. The orange out will be against Portland State with the blue out against Wyoming in November.

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