We're just shy of one month away from March Madness--the college basketball tournament that takes the country by storm each year. While over the last couple of years there's been hope for Boise State Men's Basketball to make it to the tournament--this year, I don't think those hopes are realistic. The team has a losing record (still) even after a glimpse of hope from the guys earlier in the season AND they took another loss at home to UNLV last night.  In order for Boise State to get a bid into the big dance, they'll need to win the conference championship tournament--the only guaranteed bid into the dance for the Mountain West Conference. The Broncos take on San Jose State on Saturday, February 9th at noon and that's a home game. Tickets to these games are affordable--if you're looking for some plans you should check this out!

As for the women at Boise State--march madness isn't such a stretch. The women have only lost 3 games this season and are the top team in the Mountain West.  The next game you can catch at Taco Bell Arena is on Wednesday, February 13th at 7:00 p.m. Despite their great record the women have somehow not received any votes for the Top 25.  Hopefully they'll have a chance to prove themselves in March.

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